How we set our fees

Our doctors are dedicated professionals, extremely proficient in the practice of Applied Kinesiology. The amount of effort that goes into the pursuit of this field is enormous. The numbers of doctors practicing Applied Kinesiology are very limited. Many doctors advertise a "specializing in AK" yet their knowledge and practice skills may be limited. Our doctors have studied Applied Kinesiology extensively and utilize it in their practices exclusively.


Each doctor practicing at AK Chiropractic Research Center has studied under Dr. Boven yet work independently of him and are not partners with each other.  What does this mean? As independent contractors, the doctors are free to set their own fees, appointment times and schedules. However, ALL the doctors in the clinic do share the fact that they specialize in Applied Kinesiology. As a result, patients can have confidence in the health care they receive no matter which doctor they have chosen. Better still, should an emergency arise, our patients are never left without the availability of treatment when they need it most.


At AK Research Center you may see another doctor with confidence knowing he/she is on the same page as your regular provider ensuring you receive quality health care, which you have come to expect from this clinic. We are aware too, that sometimes personalities just don't mesh. Should his happen to you, we encourage you to talk to the staff. They will be happy to work with you to select another doctor within the clinic that may be a better match. Our doctors are happy when you are happy and will not take it as a poor reflection on them should you want to change. They understand and their focus is on providing you excellent healthcare with a doctor you are most comfortable with.

Our doctors do not accept insurance of any kind. 

Current patient status is 1 year or under. Patients who are not current will need to be re-examined and fees are the same as a new patient unless otherwise specified.

It is important to maintain your health! If you wish to stay current after you feel you have reached your health goals, please schedule an appointment at least once a year to remain current.

Dr. louis

New Patient: $203.00

Regular Visit: $84.00 

Dr. Craig Kingsbury

New Patient: $149.00

Regular Visit: $71.00


New Patient: $134.00

Regular Visit: $63.00

Dr. Curt Miller

Age 0-6

New Patient- $71.00

Regular Visit- $39.00

Age 7+

New Patient- $149.00

Regular Visit- $71.00


Charles Hofbauer

New Patient- 118.00

Regular Visit- $55.00

Dr. Heather miller

Age 0-6

New Patient- $71.00

Regular Visit- $39.00

Age 7+

New Patient- $149.00

Regular Visit- $71.00


Age 0-6

New Patient- $55.00

Regular Visit- $35.00

Age 7-11

New Patient- $75.00

Regular Visit- $55.00

Age 12+

New Patient- $134.00

Regular Visit- $63.00

Dr. candy carter

Age 0-6

New Patient -    $63.00

Regular Visit -    $35.00

Age 7+

New Patient-   $134.00

Regular Visit -    $63.00